Best Energy Pills: 5+ Booster You Need To Try


Energy pills have become very popular in the past years. Many see and use them as a great alternative to drinking coffee and using other stimulants. Such powerful pills are usually more affordable, provide more potent short-term benefits, leave no adverse side effects (such as jittery), and often provide long-term effects. 

However, due to the highly-saturated market, it is challenging to find the highest-quality and most-effective energy pills that are safe to take.

That’s why we have done an extensive research to help you save time. Here we share the best energy pills you can currently find on the market. 

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Supplements Evaluated

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Table of Contents

Best Energy Pills Reviewed

After we reviewed over 30 energy pills, we used our advanced evaluating system to pick up 5 best supplements.

Here are our top-rated energy pills:

#1 STAQ Performer

STAQ Performer is one of the highest-quality brain and energy supplements on the market. Using pharmaceutical-grade production standards, capsules, and ingredients, you can expect top quality for a relatively affordable price.

best energy pill

STAQ Performer is best for: Everyone who searches for a quick energy boost that will last for hours and hours and leave no adverse side-effects.

In addition, the Performer is a great brain supplement that can provide positive long-term effects on your cognition. 



#2 Performance Lab Stim

Performance Lab Stim is a very high-quality energy booster that was designed to stimulate people, boost their cognition and energy levels. Compared to other similar supplements, it comes with no side-effects, its formula is very clean, and it allows faster recovery and less burnout. 

Performance Lab Stim is best for: People who mainly search for strong short-term effects, but don’t need long-term cognitive benefits. This is an excellent stimulant that we highly recommend. 



#3 Qualia Nootropic Energy

Compared to our top 2 energy pills, Qualia Nootropic Energy does not come in pills, but it is a very effective energy drink. Unlike typical energy drinks, Qualia Energy provides a very potent and quick energy boost that is followed by 3-4 hours of laser-focus and attention. 

qualia nootropic energy

Qualia Nootropic Energy is best for: People who search for a strong short-term energy boost but prefer a drinkable supplement instead of taking capsules. 



#4 Zhou Energy + Focus

Zhou Energy + Focus is an energy supplement that was designed to provide a quick energy boost without any jittery or adverse side-effects. It is a simple formula that contains only 2 main ingredients – caffeine and L-theanine. It’s very affordable, so it’s great for beginners trying to experiment with energy pills and nootropics.

zhou energy + focus

Qualia Nootropic Energy is best for: People who search for a strong short-term energy boost but prefer a drinkable supplement instead of taking capsules. 



#4 Nutricost Caffeine

Nutricost caffeine is the simplest of all boosters on our list because it only contains caffeine. If you need a strong energy boost, you can get it from this supplement, because it contains 200 mg of caffeine. However, be aware of the typical side-effects that caffeine usually comes with. 

nutricost caffeine

Qualia Nootropic Energy is best for: People who search for a strong short-term energy boost but prefer a drinkable supplement instead of taking capsules. 



How Did We Evaluate? 

As you probably know, we at LDP Institute developed one of the most advanced and effective systems for testing and evaluating supplements. We used our own system for assessing energy boost pills. In particular, we looked more specifically at the following factors. 

Use Cases

When it comes to pills that give you energy, many people use them for very different reasons. Some use energy pills (or supplements) for pre-workout, others for boosting their focus and productivity. Of course, some users simply use such pills because they can quickly improve their well-being and motivation. 
Due to several use cases, we adapted our evaluating system, which helped us come up with a very accurate and objective ranking. 

Short Vs. Long-Term Performance

If you checked individual product reviews, you probably noticed that some pills for energy provide more potent short-term effects, while others can provide long-term effects as well. While the majority of people care more about immediate boost, we need to warn you about the potential long-term benefits as well. 

Formulation Quality

We found hundreds of different energy pills on the market that had one thing in common – their product formulation was low quality. This means that the product contained lots of unwanted compounds and fillers, it had questionable quality compounds, and the manufacturing standards were unclear. 

Since product quality plays an important part in our ranking, we put a lot of emphasis on evaluating each product formula quality. 

Our Recommendation

Energy pills are becoming extremely popular, and we understand why this is happening. Sadly, most energy pills probably won’t provide the benefits that people search for, so you need to be careful when choosing or purchasing your favorite supplements.

Whichever supplement you choose from our top list, you will get a high-quality, tested, and well-formulated supplement that will give you a strong energy boost. And if we only have to pick one, we would currently go for STAQ Performer, which is reasonably our top-pick. 


Besides using our advanced evaluating system, we use the know-how of some of the most trustworthy sites such as: