Best Nootropic Stack: Our Top Picks Of 2020


We have tried, compared, and reviewed over 100+ nootropic supplements since 2016. All major supplement brands have been sending us their top supplements and nootropic stacks. Finally, we have decided to combine all our know-how and experience to share with you the best nootropic stacks you can currently find on the market.

best nootropic stack

How Do We Review Nootropics

We follow a special procedure when we evaluate individual nootropic compounds. To ensure that our reviews are completely honest and independent, we developed a system for assessing nootropics. The supplement with the best overall score is our top pick. Among other factors, we always carefully look at:

  1. How effective is the formula
  2. Scientific evaluation of the supplement
  3. Our personal experience
  4. Short-term effects
  5. Long-term effects
  6. User feedbacks
  7. The team behind the product
  8. Manufacturing standards

We are continually updating this page to ensure you are always aware of top nootropic supplements currently available on the market.

P.s. We are not sponsored by any brands. We do use affiliate links for some of the products, which ensure you will get the lowest possible price, and we get a small commission from the sales, so we can continue running this blog. 

Best Nootropic Stack

So, here are our top picks of 2020. Let’s check them out.

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#1 STAQ Performer

STAQ Performer is our top-rated nootropic supplement of 2020. Compared to other supplements, STAQ Performer delivers the optimal short- and long-term benefits for its price. It has the cleanest formulation without any unwanted compounds. The individual ingredients are optimally dosed.

best energy pill

This supplement can enhance your memory, improve your focus, boost your energy, slow-down cognitive decline, and provide nutrients for optimal brain support.

STAQ Performer is a perfect solution for managers, entrepreneurs, students, high-active people, and other individuals who search for the best brain-boosting supplement. 



#2 Mind Lab pro

Mind Lab Pro is one of our favorite nootropic supplements on the market. Mind Lab Pro was developed to help you improve your cognitive performance. It can boost your energy, focus, attention, and memory. It has a structural impact on your brain and protects it from harmful environmental effects. 

With 11 high-quality nootropic compounds, it is a supplement that many professionals recommend.

mind lab pro

Compared to STAQ Performer, Mind Lab Pro delivers a weaker energy boost and worse short-term benefits.

Mind Lab Pro is without any doubt an outstanding nootropic supplement that we recommend to entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, students, high-achievers, or anyone else who is serious about improving their cognitive performance.



How About More Complex Supplements?

Besides our winners, many other nootropic supplements usually score lower on our rankings, but may still be very beneficial.

They usually contain more ingredients, which can be slightly riskier, and those ingredients are usually lower dosed. However, due to the compound effects, such supplements can be equally effective in the short-term.

Due to the lack of data, our scientific rankings usually rank them very low, but we still like to mention them. Since we don’t have enough data, it is hard to measure the efficacy or safety, but our research and experience showed that a few such complex supplements could be quite effective.
Therefore, we decided to mention two of our top-rated complex nootropic supplements.

#3 Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is one of the most advanced and complex nootropic supplements on the market. By supplementing it, you can experience great short- and long-term benefits on your cognition.

Qualia Mind was designed with a similar goal as Mind Lab Pro – to help you achieve ultimate cognitive performance. Instead of using only well-researched nootropic compounds, the team behind Qualia Mind developed a very complex supplement that contains 28 nootropics.

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind has a massive amount of followers and it is recommended by many doctors, fitness experts, biohackers, and other influencers from the nootropic community.

Qualia Mind is a great nootropic supplement for short-term use. However, long-term efficacy and safety is questionable. 



#4 Total Human By Onnit

Total Human is a nootropic supplement developed by Onnit, a famous brand in the nootropic industry. Total Human is their latest invention and one of the most advanced nootropic stacks on the market.

This supplement was developed to help you achieve ultimate cognitive performance, health, and great sleep. Unlike other supplements on our list, Total Human offers 24/7 support. It is the only supplement designed to provide excellent cognitive performance and restful sleep. However, it is the most expensive one, and it may give some adverse side effects.

To be more precise, Total Human contains two nootropic stacks – day and night formula. It is recommended to take the day formula in the morning and the night formula before going to sleep. That’s all great, but there is a small issue with the day formula. It contains Alpha Brain, a nootropic stack by Onnit that was developed for improving cognitive performance.

total human

Many people love Alpha Brain, but even more people have issues with it. Alpha Brain can cause adverse side effects such as brain fog, stomach issues, etc. That is why there are some people who prefer to avoid Total Human. We didn’t experience issues with it, but we wanted to inform you just in case you experience any issues.



Our Recommendation

The competition among nootropic supplements is getting very strong. Hundreds of brands are competing in this fast-growing market and developing their unique solutions. Therefore, it is also getting harder for us as reviewers to pick the best supplements. 

Anyhow, our system and experience helps us quickly find the winning products that stand out of the crowd. As it currently stands, STAQ Performer is the winner of 2020 without any doubt.