Mind Lab Pro Vs Alpha Brain: There Is Only 1 Winner


Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain have been competing from the early days when nootropics weren’t as popular as they are nowadays. We were big fans of both supplements, but today only of them is still on the top. Which one is that? Let’s find out.

mind lab pro vs alpha brain

Mind Lab Pro Vs Alpha Brain

The first two nootropic supplements that we ever tested were Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain. Back in 2016, both were among the most popular supplements on the market. Opti Nutra (the brand that developed Mind Lab Pro) has been known for its open-sourced formula, while Onnit (the brand that developed Alpha Brain) has been focusing more on building a likable brand.

Years passed by, and the situation is quite different today. Opti Nutra managed to keep up updating their main supplement, while Onnit built a very successful brand with tens of supplements.

But only one product is still a great nootropic supplement. By comparing the similarities and the differences, you will soon see which one.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is one of the most popular nootropic supplements that contains 11 high-quality nootropic compounds. It is known for its open-sourced formula, using very effective nootropics at relatively high dosages.

Its formula has been optimized and changed several times since the first product hit the market. By doing that, Opti Nutra managed to keep this supplement on the top list of many biohackers, experts, and reviewers.

Alpha Brain 

Alpha Brain has a very similar formula to Mind Lab Pro with 13 nootropic compounds. However, its formula has never been open-sourced, which is a big red alarm. Not knowing the exact amount of all compounds in a nootropic stack is dangerous.

Despite that, Alpha Brain has found many followers among athletes and highly-active people who always strive for better physical and cognitive performance.

The Similarities

You can quickly spot a couple of similarities among both supplements. Let’s have a look at the most important ones.

1. Developed to improve your cognition

Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain were designed and developed with a clear goal to enhance your overall cognitive performance. This means that both supplements may improve your focus, attention, energy, memory, speed of thinking, and even memory.

2. They contain a similar amount of nootropics

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 nootropics, Alpha Brain 13. They even share a few of the same nootropic compounds such as L-theanine, Phosphatidylserine, Vitamin B6, L-tyrosine, and Bacopa Monnieri. Even though Alpha Brain contains more ingredients, it is not necessarily a better supplement, as you will soon see.

3. Similar pricing

Both nootropic supplements cost pretty much the same. Here is the exact price comparison:

Mind Lab Pro$6530$2.17
Alpha Brain$5930$1.96

Keep in mind that the current prices can slightly vary.

The Differences

The companies follow quite a different strategy, which explains several differences between the supplements.

1. Mind Lab Pro has a better formula

Without any doubt, Opti Nutra managed to develop a more effective nootropic supplement that contains well-researched nootropics. They reveal the exact amount of every compound that is added to their product, which is a huge advantage. Mind Lab Pro is more effective, side-effects free, and safer for long-term use.

2. Alpha Brain contains a few potentially-dangerous compounds that require cycling

Alpha Brain contains Huperzine-a, which is a potentially great nootropic for short-term use. However, it may bring adverse side effects when used in the long-term, so it is essential to cycling it.

Another issue with Alpha Brain’s formulation is that many people report adverse side effects such as stomach pain and sickness. It could be that Huperzine-a is causing these issues.

3. Mind Lab Pro was designed for a bigger group

Mind Lab Pro contains compounds that provide short- and long-term benefits. They can also slow down cognitive decline in the elderly, which is not true for Alpha Brain, which was mainly made for highly-active people.

So, Mind Lab Pro is more marketed towards a broader population, which is quite a benefit.

4. Mind Lab Pro performs better

Based on our tests, reviews of other experts, and opinions of customers, Mind Lab Pro provides better performance. Customers feel better when supplementing it.

Our Recommendation

Comparing Alpha Brain vs Mind Lab Pro was slightly easier than expected. Based on all factors, Mind Lab Pro is clearly a better nootropic supplements that leaves no adverse side effects, it is more effective, and comes at almost the same price. Therefore, it easily wins our test. To get it at the lowest price possible, click on the button below.