Mind Lab Pro vs STAQ Performer


Mind Lab Pro and STAQ Performer are two amazing supplements that battle for the title of the best. But which one is the best of the two? Let’s find out. 

staq performer vs mind lab pro

Mind Lab Pro Vs STAQ Performer

If you spent at least five minutes researching the best nootropic supplements on the market, you probably came across Mind Lab Pro and STAQ Performer. 

While Mind Lab Pro has been on the scene for many years, STAQ Performer recently started battling the slightly tired competitor. 

The question is – did the team behind the Performer manage to find out weaknesses of Mind Lab Pro? 

Or is Mind Lab Pro still the king among the nootropic supplements?

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement that was developed to help you:

  • Improve your cognitive performance
  • Enhance focus & attention
  • Provide long-term brain support

With 11 well-researched nootropics and a great formulation, it stands out from the crowd.

But what does STAQ Performer has to say?

STAQ Performer

The Performer, developed by STAQ Performance, is a nootropic supplement that contains 12 high-quality nootropics.

It was developed to help you:

  • Achieve ultimate cognitive performance
  • Provide strong short-term effects
  • Get in the flow
  • Become more energized, focused, and productive

With even better-dosed compounds and a cleaner formulation, it seems that STAQ Performer has a chance of beating Mind Lab Pro.

Or does it? 

The Similarities

Let’s first check the similarities between both supplements.

Similar formulation

Both supplements contain a similar number of nootropics. Also, they have a very similar formulation.

There is no doubt that Performer was inspired by Mind Lab Pro formulation. However, as you will see below, they made some important differences. 

High-quality ingredients & production standards

Both supplements contain mainly high-quality nootropics, vitamins, and other compounds. The brands use proven branded extracts.

Production standards of both supplements are of the highest-quality possible.

Targeting similar markets

It seems that both supplement were developed for the similar target markets. Their products, pricing, and marketing are very similar.

The Differences

If you are wondering if there are any differences at all, you will be pleasantly surprised.


While both supplements have a similar formulation, STAQ Performer has better-dosed ingredients and a higher-quality production standard.

They use no fillers in the formula, which makes it stand out. Therefore, Performer wins this part.

Short-Term Effects

While both nootropic stacks deliver similar long-term results, the Performer brings much stronger short-term effects.

Due to the smart combo of caffeine and l-theanine, you can expect to feel much more focused, alert, and energized by taking the Performer. Therefore, Performer wins again. 

Additional support & content

Mind Lab Pro is definitely a great supplement on its own. The same is true for STAQ Performer.

However, Performer comes with additional tips for optimizing your performance. Also, you can get a dedicated performance mentor for FREE.

So, if you are serious about optimizing your performance and productivity, you will get much more support from the STAQ Performance brand.

So, Performer wins again. 

Our Recommendation

As you can see, both supplements are high-quality and deliver amazing long-term benefits.

However, the Performer delivers a stronger short-term boost, it has a smarter formulation, and it comes with additional tips for optimizing your performance.

Since both supplements are similarly priced, STAQ Performer easily wins this test. That’s why we recommend it!

So, if you want to try it out, click on the button below to get the lowest price possible.