STAQ Performer Review: Is It Really The Best?


STAQ Performer


Short-term benefits


Long-term benefits


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  • Great short-term effects
  • The safest formulation we ever came across
  • Optimal dosages of ingredients
  • High-quality supplement
  • Good price/performance ratio


  • Not the most affordable supplement

STAQ Performer is a nootropic supplement, formulated in the US, but manufactured in the EU. It’s one of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market. But is it really so good? 

STAQ Performer Review

STAQ Performer review

This nootropic supplement was developed to help people:

  • Improve their brain performance
  • Enhance focus and attention
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve productivity
  • Save time

With 12 ingredients, it seems that it has the potential to deliver all the promised benefits, especially when you carefully evaluate the ingredients.

STAQ Performer Ingredients

The Performer supplement is the first supplement that we ever tested and reviewed that contains no fillers. Its formula is as pure as it can possibly be. 

This means that the STAQ company uses the highest possible manufacturing standards (cGMP certified) that are more often than not seen in the pharmaceutical industry, not in the supplement business. 

Here is the list of all ingredients in STAQ Performer

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Caffeine
  • Citicoline as Cognizin
  • Copper
  • Lemon balm
  • Lion’s Mane mushroom
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Zinc

Bacopa Monnieri – 300 mg

Bacopa Monnieri is a popular nootropic and a herb, often used in Ayurveda medicine. Multiple studies confirm many positive benefits of this adaptogenic herb, such as improved memory, decreased anxiety, and depression. 

The standard dose of Bacopa Monnieri in most studies has been 300 mg of a potent extract. This is precisely the amount you can find in STAQ Performer. 

Caffeine – 100 mg

Caffeine is the world’s most widely used stimulant that possesses a few essential benefits. It can enhance your energy, increase running capacity and power output, it shortens reaction times, and it promotes wakefulness. 

It is a baseline nootropic that needs to be combined with L-theanine to provide the optimum results without any side effects. 

STAQ Performer contains 100 mg of caffeine (and 200 mg of L-theanine), which, according to many scientific studies, is the most potent and safe combo. 

Citicoline (Cognizine) – 270 mg

Citicoline is a nootropic that converts into choline when ingested. It is a phospholipid that can be orally supplemented. This compound appears to enhance cognition, improve memory, and slow down the rate of cognitive decline. 

Cognizin is a branded version of citicoline that has been manufactured in Japan. 

The standard dosage of citicoline in a supplement is 250 mg. Due to its high price, we are positively surprised to see 270 mg of this potent compound in the Performer. 

Lemon Balm – 60 mg

Lemon Balm (or Melissa officinalis) is a unique nootropic compound that is usually found in supplements that induce calmness. 

However, many studies show positive effects on improving memory in individuals. 

A relatively small dosage of Lemon Balm shows that it was most likely added to this supplement to promote calmness. Since it is combined with caffeine, expect to feel highly focused and energized without any nervousness and jitters. 

Lion’s Mane mushroom – 600 mg

Lion’s Mane mushroom (yamabushitake) is a dietary mushroom that can suppress inflammation, provide neuroprotection, and enhance cognition. 

500-1000 mg of Lion’s Mane mushroom is, based on the current studies, the optimal dosage for long-term use. 

L-Theanine – 200 mg

L-Theanine is relaxing, but not sedating amino acid that is found in green teas. It’s the effects of this amino acid that makes you feel relaxed after drinking the tea. It promotes relaxation, it decreases anxiety, and it enhances attention. 

When combined with caffeine (like in this supplement), it is one of the most potent nootropic compounds. 

Rhodiola Rosea – 120 mg

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most studied nootropic herbs. Studies confirm that supplementing a Rhodiola extract can reduce fatigue, stress, and anxiety. It acts neuroprotective, and it enhances the cognition. 

It is effective at dosages of 50 mg. Therefore, expect the promised benefits in STAQ Performer due to a high, but a safe-enough dosage of this compound. 

Our Opinion About The Formula

Our Experience

We thoroughly tested this nootropic supplement to see how effective it is in real-life scenarios.

Our results were extremely positive and surprising. STAQ Performer indeed makes you feel energized, focused, and it improves your well-being.

Multiple tests brought the same benefits, no matter if we took 2 or 3 capsules; in the morning or after launch; on an empty stomach or with food.

The results were consistent, so were our experiences. That is one of the reasons we ranked this supplement so high. 

Performer Dosage

The recommended daily dosage of STAQ Performer is 2-3 capsules, taken in the morning with food. 

Even though we noticed that you could get the benefits from 2 capsules, we would still recommend taking 3 capsules per day to get a higher amount of all nootropics in your body. 

Also, we recommend taking the capsules with food and no later than at 3 PM because this supplement contains caffeine. 

Performer Side Effects

If you take up to 3 capsules per day with food, there is basically no chance to experience any adverse side effects. 

STAQ Performer has one of the most optimized nootropic formulations on the market, well-supported by hundreds of scientific studies. 

If you do, however, experience side effects, do consult the brand or your doctor to discover what’s causing the issue. 

What Happens After You Stop Taking The Capsules?

Some might wonder if the effects of STAQ Performer will only be felt when you actually take the capsules, or will you still get the benefits weeks or months after you stopped taking this nootropic supplement?

Science is unclear what exactly happens weeks or months after you took the last capsule of such a complex nootropic supplement. 

What we know is that you won’t be able to feel the short-term effects that are delivered with caffeine and L-theanine. It’s the same as with drinking coffee or tea – you need to drink it today to get the benefits today, not tomorrow or a week after.

However, nootropics such as Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monnieri, and Lion’s Mane mushroom may provide long-term benefits, because they can have a structural impact on your brain. 

Since this supplement contains such a high amount of the mentioned nootropics, you can expect long-term benefits even if you only take the capsules for a couple of months. 

But, as the name says, for real performers, we would recommend taking this product daily. Our studies show that you cannot go wrong with that.

STAQ Performer verified

Where To Buy STAQ Performer?

You can buy STAQ Performer on their official web store. 

Here you can learn more.

Our Recommendation

Without any doubt, STAQ Performer is a complex, well-though, carefully manufactured, and extremely effective nootropic supplement unlike any we had tried so far. It does not contain the biggest amount of nootropics, nor it is the most expensive, but it is well-dosed, it has high-quality compounds, a clean formulation, and for its price, it absolutely stands out.

As a matter of fact, our independent test ranked this supplement as the best nootropic we ever evaluated. So there are a few great reasons why you should consider using it.