Our Testing Process

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One-Stop Supplement Review Institute

Since the early beginnings, we have been continuously upgrading and optimizing our testing procedures. We are constantly aiming to provide the most accurate, objective, and honest reviews and test results. Only by improving the processes, we can stay ahead of the supplement brands, who are rigorously searching for ingenious ways to promote their products, which rarely meet our high standards.

3-Step Evaluating Program

Selection Phase

The selection phase starts by finding popular supplements that we haven't tested before. During this phase, we carefully evaluate a product and the brand to gather crucial data for the second phase.

Review Phase

Review phase includes, but is not limited to, a detailed ingredients review, formula efficacy and safety review, comparison, personal experience, benefits, and side-effects evaluation, cost comparison, backend data gathering, and more.

Results & Recommendation

In this last phase, we carefully gather all data, analyze them, and present the results to all our followers. This includes a complete supplement review with the final supplement score.

We Combine Over 30 Ranking Factors In 6 Categories

Short-Term Benefits

Short-term benefits are calculated based on the ingredients, dosages, personal experience, and objective evaluation of each product that we review.

Long-Term Benefits

Long-term benefits are evaluated based on the formula effectiveness. 


The price score is decided based on the daily price/serving. The final score depends on the price range per individual category. 


We look at multiple factors to evaluate product safety. To mention a few, we check the quality of the formulation, ingredients quality, manufacturing standards, the number of fillers, the combination of ingredients, and more.

User Experience

Multiple reviewers check and occasionally test each individual product. The final score is made based on the average score of all reviews. 

Data Collection & Results

In this last phase, we carefully gather all data, analyze them, and present the results to all our followers. This includes a complete supplement review with the final supplement score.

LDP Verified certificate is given only to brands/products that get a ranking of over 80%, which only a handful of products get. If you buy a product with our LDP Verified certificate, you can be certain you are buying the highest-quality supplement possible. 

How Do We Ensure Complete Transparency?

Over 30 Ranking Factors

We currently rely on over 30 ranking factors for each supplement. By adequately evaluating them, we are confident that our results are 99,9% correct and accurate.

Completely Independent Testing

Our tests are done independently from our subjective preferences. We are not sponsored by any brands, individuals, or other organizations that would benefit by influencing our results.

We Publish All Reviews

No matter if we find a particular supplement great or terrible, we will publish the results. We don’t only want to promote great supplements, but also want to warn people about low-quality supplements.

We Finance reviews by affiliate agreements

We have independently (on our costs) bought, tested, and reviewed tens of supplements. Due to the high costs, we decided to start using affiliate programs to finance our business. Since most brands offer similar deals, we have no incentive to promote a particular product, but rather create rankings from the best to the worst based on independent results.

We Forbid Sponsorships

Many brands try to sponsor us or pay us for positive reviews. We altogether forbid that and mark such brands with a higher risk.

We Don't Sell Supplements

We decided to avoid selling the best supplements that we recommend. By doing that, we have zero incentive in promoting products that might score lower. We are probably the only brand that decided for such a transparent business model.

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